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Alfaparf Milano

Blends Of Many Matte Paste 75 ml

Blends Of Many Matte Paste 75 ml

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Medium - hold matte paste which gives the hair structure and definition.

Infused with Urban Defense and active ingredient black tea, with a vibrant fragrance using notes of star anise, sandalwood and patchouli.

How to use: Rub in the palm of your hand and distribute over damp or dry hair, style and define.

Urban Defence Pro: The ALFAPARF MILANO’s technology designed to: protect hair from the damaging effects of pollution; prevent dust and heavy metals from entering the hair and triggering the production of free radicals.

Black Tea: A natural active ingredient with 3 fundamental benefits for men’s hair: anti-oxidant - soothes irritated skin; stimulating - boosts the skin’s micro-circulation and follicle activity; revitalising - gives the hair new energy, leaving it soft and shiny.
Gives you the perfect look for the whole day.

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