Keratin Treatment


We use only the highest quality keratin based straightening treatments to ensure our clients can experience lasting results with safety assured. Your and our health is vital so we will not recommend any products that do not meet health and safety standards.


The process involves keratin molecules being deposited onto the hair strand, through an application and heating process, making hair stronger, smoother, and making styling a breeze!

The hair is coated with a Keratin solution (keratin is the protein found in hair) which is then bonded to the hair cuticle using heat from hair dryer and from straightening irons, the hair structure is not altered.

Typically, treatments last between 8-12 weeks with the results tending to improve with each successive treatment.

Prescription shampoo, conditioner and heat protection are a must. These products are designed to prolong the longevity of the keratin treatment and nourish your hair.

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Keratin treatments require heat activation from a blow dryer or irons to achieve smooth hair.

You will still need to blow-dry or style your hair to get the smooth look, but it will be easier and will take less time.

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